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What we're about

Staying in IS the new going to the gym.  If you find it difficult to balance  going out, and getting to the gym on top of everything else, Klub Kardio is the perfect way to get your club fix while you get fit!  Exclusive mixes, banging tunes and magical moves all combine to give you a genuinely unique fitness experience.

We are as passionate about having fun as we are about getting fit.

The Klub is built on a foundation of classic music genres stemming from the mid 90’s – a time when dance and rave music had matured enough to become a phenomenon.  

Whether you enjoy the Klub Kardio sounds and workouts as you reminisce, or you are discovering these classics for the first time – Klub Kardio will never disappoint you with mediocre music.  We are not only here to serve your butt up on a platter and hand it to you, we will do it whilst serving up some of the biggest tunes you’ll ever hear! 

Other featured classes include...

Skills n Drills

Your legs and feet will be put to test in this session which focuses on building on your spin techniques

Kardio to the Kore

A workout that focuses on building core strength

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